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Corporate development
Corporate development

Consulting - Borrow our brains

We get it, building a high-performance machine is hard work.

But listen, your competition ain't taking naps. We're QP consultants, and we're here to inject your organization with a shot of pure hustle. We'll diagnose your weaknesses faster than you can say "disengaged employees," then craft a battle plan to skyrocket engagement, culture, and performance.

Stop playing it safe. Invest in your greatest asset (your people!), and watch your entire organization become a freaking champion. Let's build a business so strong it disrupts your whole damn industry.

Now THAT'S what peak performance looks like.

Peak performing team
Peak performing team

Performance Coaching - Unlock your potential

You're at the top, but that doesn't mean there's nowhere left to climb. Execs like you wear a crown, but that doesn't mean it's not heavy.

We're here to rip off the velvet cushion and replace it with a rocket booster. Our executive performance coaching isn't about kumbaya moments and lukewarm feedback. We're ditching the status quo and pushing you to unlock potential you didn't even know existed. We'll identify your blind spots faster than a market crash, then craft a personalized roadmap to dominate every boardroom you enter.

Stop playing it safe - it's time to become the CEO you were always meant to be. Let's turn potential into a superpower and watch you leave your competition in the dust. Because that's what true executive performance looks like.

Let's get to work.

Quality, not quantity

Unleash Peak Performance: Beyond the Playing Field and Boardroom

The pursuit of peak performance isn't limited to the adrenaline-pumping world of professional sports. Whether you're striving for championships or exceeding quarterly goals, understanding the psychology of peak performance holds the key to unlocking individual and collective potential.

Mastering the Mental Game:

In both athletic competitions and corporate boardrooms, pressure, self-doubt, and setbacks are inevitable. Mastering the mental game is crucial for overcoming these challenges. Sports psychology techniques like mindfulness, visualization, and stress management can equip athletes and professionals alike to:

  • Manage emotions: Remain calm under pressure, navigate setbacks with grace,and avoid performance anxiety.

  • Maintain focus: Block distractions, prioritize tasks effectively, and achieve flow state where peak performance unfolds.

  • Channel mental energy: Cultivate resilience, bounce back from failures, and maintain motivation throughout extended projects or training sessions.

Building a Winning Team:

Individual excellence is crucial, but true success often hinges on teamwork. Whether on the playing field or in the collaborative space of a business, fostering a peak-performing team requires:

  • Shared vision and goals: Clearly articulate the team's purpose, ensuring everyone feels invested and motivated.

  • Effective communication: Open, honest communication builds trust, promotes collaboration, and facilitates proactive problem-solving.

  • Psychological safety: Create an environment where individuals feel comfortable voicing concerns, taking risks, and learning from mistakes.

Beyond Trophies and Profits:

Investing in peak performance psychology isn't solely about winning championships or exceeding financial targets. It's about:

  • Empowering individuals: Equipping athletes and professionals with mental tools to thrive under pressure, build confidence, and maximize their potential.

  • Promoting well-being: Fostering a culture that prioritizes mental health, reduces stress, and encourages athletes and professionals to perform at their best without sacrificing personal well-being.

  • Sustainable success: Creating a resilient environment where individuals and teams can consistently perform at their peak, fostering long-term success and positive growth.

Addressing these challenges strategically empowers organisations to thrive. We offer tailored solutions, from employee engagement programs to comprehensive leadership development initiatives, to help you build a healthier, more resilient, and high-performing organisation.

FTSE 100 Pharma

Visualise your success.

From industry to industry we tackle diverse projects with expertise.

Facing unprecedented lockdown challenges, our team created, implemented, and facilitated an Agile Leadership development programme for a FTSE100 Pharmaceutical company's Global Marketing SLT, entirely online.

Over 4 months, we leveraged innovative online learning tools, interactive workshops and online performance coaching sessions to help leaders adapt to agile methodologies and drive team performance.

Imperial Business School

Imperial College Business School, ranked #13 globally by the Financial Times in 2023, partnered with us to deliver a series of interactive workshops on building and leading high-performing, sustainable teams to their prestigious Global MBA program for high-potential executives.

Over 100 students from 40 countries participated, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to drive positive change within their own specific contexts.


This interactive session is designed to empower Deloitte UK's senior leadership team by uncovering valuable leadership lessons from the dynamic world of sports.

Through engaging discussion, relevant case studies, and practical exercises, we'll explore key strengths like building high-performing teams, fostering individual excellence, and navigating adversity to achieve ultimate victory.


For a family-run engineering firm's maintenance and repair division, we conducted a year-long intervention. We dived deep, diagnosing organizational health and crafting a bespoke development program. Not only did we strengthen individual skills, but we also designed a leadership framework – a clear compass for the senior team to navigate growth and success.

This holistic approach ensured not just efficiency, but also a thriving, future-proof division guided by a united leadership vision.