100%....All of the time?

"100% all the time. That is the expectation".


1/31/20241 min read

person driving Ferrari vehicle
person driving Ferrari vehicle

"100% all the time. That is the expectation".

We could not believe what we were hearing. The senior leadership of an organisation expected 100% effort from all of their employees, all of the time.

This is from a collection of high performing people working at the leading edge of their industry, often working in highly demanding situations and environments. They produce phenomenal results already but have just shifted their vision into an emerging market which causes some psychological concerns for those involved.

Having never experienced these issues before, the organisation is seeking assistance from experienced specialists in order to improve their situation. There are some fundamental mindset shifts that need to be had from a few senior leaders for this transformation to be successful.

Highly put out by the 100% comment, we thought of an analogy that we shared with them and one that we wanted to share with you all too. It is not complicated yet we feel it is efficient and effective.

Formula 1 is considered by many to be the epitome of motor racing. A precision engineered drivetrain that is bespoke fitted to a superior chassis, driven by some of the most talented people to walk this Earth, surrounded by a team that is supportive, innovative and focused towards success, driving around the most demanding racetracks that have been built.

Consider if you will that the F1 car is a human and that the racetrack is life. The team is the organisation that the human belongs to.

If you drive an F1 car as fast as possible, in the highest gear and at max revs without relenting, then you will end up with 1 of 2 outcomes:

  • The engine will blow up.

  • The car will veer off the racetrack and end up as a mangled heap of useless materials.

Neither are the desired outcome.